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About Us

When we finally decided to do this together we knew, from our combined 70 or so years in the business, that we wanted to do things differently this time. Our goal was to change a long standing (and maybe, well-deserved) perception of the sliding door. We wanted to create a “beautiful” product that lived up to and exceeded our customer’s expectations. We knew from the beginning that we wanted our doors to be better on every level, be that looks, function or performance, than our competitors comparably priced products. So, we started with a product that was designed to be better than the competition.

We needed to interact with our customers on a daily basis because as hard as that may be in some cases, we were really more interested in addressing their needs and concerns directly and in a personal manner, because that was the only way we could constantly improve. We tried to listen to suggestions and gauge expectations so that we could tailor our products to the needs of our customers and today’s better informed consumer.

We Believe in Solutions

We believe in solutions rather than excuses and in improving as we solve problems. Everyone at our company is part of our customer service team and anybody who answers the phone has the knowledge to address most of your concerns. Customer service is a company-wide concern.

From product design and performance to customer service we wanted to do business on a different level. Quick answers to important questions. Timely responses to the everyday issues that arise in our business. We realized right away that a great product and happy customers are our best and most effective sales tools. We also know that constant improvement contributes to better more efficient products and a much better customer experience.

“We realized right away that a great product and happy customers are our best and most effective sales tools.”

We are Vista Patio Doors

Forward thinking industry veterans who believe that being different and thoughtful sets us and our products apart from our competitors. We are here because of you so we should always be here for you. We believe in personalized customer service uncompromising product support and leading edge product development.

Sandro Di Iorio – Sales and Business Development

Mario Iannetta – Operations and Administration

Franco Ruscetta – Supply Chain and Production Management

Paul Benebal – Plant Manager

But really we all do a little bit of everything. We are here to support our customers.
Take a good look at what we offer. You will be absolutely delighted that you did.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Enjoy the views from both of my lovely oversized patio doors. Excellent quality, durable and lovely to look at. I constantly get complements on them. Keep up the good work!!

Josie Loprevite

Let Vista’s innovative products change the way you think about sliding patio doors.